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Sasha is currently performing with the
Manitoba production of
Fiddler on the Roof

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Sasha's Education here


Sasha has recently performed with the
Toronto production of
Lord Of The Rings

Sasha Luminsky

I was born in a very small town - "Chopovichi", Zitomir region, Malin area. It's very close to Kiev.

The first time I saw an accordion was in 1966 when my great uncle came from USA to Ukraine to visit the whole Mishpuhe (family) and as a present for me I got a very small accordion. I was 7 years old and wanted to play that cute instrument so much that my parents decided to take some lessons from old teacher who was a violin player. After six months of those lessons I went to music school. That is how I started my career in music

I'm now a professional accordion player and also a conductor of orchestra, finished Music College in Moldavia and Conservatory in Leningrad. I play piano accordion but also was the first person ever to play a unique accordion called the "Leningrad". Invented in the Leningrad by one of the best accordion teachers and players in Russia - Nikolai Kravzov, who was my teacher in Conservatory from 1980-1985. The uniqueness of that accordion was the right-hand keyboard. That gave me a chance to play, "Big Toccata and Fugue A-minor & D-minor" (Bach) without changing any notes in the manuscript written for Organ (that time I also played Free-Base system on the left hand).

Before 1992 (that's when I came to Canada) I didn't play Klezmer music at all but with this kind of music I was very familiar. It reminds me of one story when my family moved to Moldavia from Ukraine (were I was born). The first time my grandmother heard Moldavien folk music she said: "These people play Jewish music". I replied, "No, they play Moldavien music", She said: "You don't know, they play real Jewish music!"

In 1993 I joined the Flying Bulgar Klezmer Band and started seriously studying Klezmer music especially the accordion in Klezmer music. I obtained a very old record of Misha Ziganov playing Klezmer accordion style. That basically was my main resource of study for this style. I started touring with the Band playing festivals across Canada, USA, Germany, Holland, England and Scotland. In 1996 the band released its 3rd CD - "Fire" on whitch two of my compositions, "Buma" and "Yash" were recorded.

As a member of the band Chutzpah we recorded the 1998 CD - "Come From Every Way".

I was also member of Beyond the Pale in 2000, and released a 2001 CD entitled "Routes".

Afterwards I joined Trio Norté with Lenny Solomon, violin; Bill Bridges, guitar. We released a self titled album that blended classical Flamenco, Latin rhythms, Klezmer and jazz.

From 2003 to 2006 I was a regular performer at the Shaw Festival, with productions such as Kurt Weill's "Happy End". I also played Piano with R. Rodgers "Pal Joey".

Currently I am performing with the Toronto production of Lord Of The Rings.



1980 - 1985 St. Petersburg Conservatory, Russia. Diploma: Performer / Conductor / Teacher
Equivalents to University level Masters Degree in performing, conducting and teaching.

1974 - 1978 Tiraspol Music Teacher's College, Moldova. Diploma: Teacher / Performer

1968 - 1974 Bendery Music School, Moldova.


Performing Experience:

2006-Present - "Lord Of The Rings" ( www.lotr.com ). Accordion / 3rd Keyboard (Musical Director Rick Fox)

2005-2006 - Shaw Festival: "Happy End" by Kurt Weill. Accordionist (Musical Director Paul Sportelli)

2004-2005 - Shaw Festival: "Pal Joey" R. Rodgers. Alternate Pianist / Conductor

2003-2004 - Shaw Festival: "Happy End" by Kurt Weill. Accordionist (Musical Director Paul Sportelli)

2001-Present Member of Trio Norte ( www.trionorte.com ) (Nov.2004 - #1 Video in Canadian Music Network's Bravo) (Lenny Solomon-violin, Bill Bridges-guitar and Sasha Luminsky - accordion).

2000-01 Member of Beyond the Pale Band. Klezmer and eastern European folk music with a unique mixture of other genre. (Web link - Recordings)

1993-99 Chutzpah! Klezmer Ensemble, Toronto. Many concert performances, including Toronto (Earl Bales Park, Mel Lastman Square, Harbourfront), Ottawa (National Museum of Civilization), Buffalo (Calumet Club).

1998 Special Guest appearance at the Festival mondiale de l'accordeon, Montmagny, Quebec.

1993-98 Member of The Flying Bulgar Klezmer Band. Performances throughout Canada and Europe. (Web link - Flying Bulgar Klezmer Band / Fire)

1996 Taught Workshop in East European Accordion for WORLDS OF MUSIC TORONTO.

1992 - 98 Wonder Music School, Toronto Academy of Music. Taught Piano, Accordion, Theory, prepared students for exams at Royal Conservatory of Music, Toronto.

1993-99 Backup for several artists, including David Wall, Lenka Lichtenberg, Anne Lederman, Aelita, Teresa Tova, including Festival appearances in Edmonton, Ottawa and Toronto.

1996-99 House Band for Yiddishland Cafe, Workman' s Circle, Toronto.

1993 Youth Aliyah/Mila Kanev Band, Toronto.

1989-92 Band Leader Drujba Band. Played Synthesizer, Keyboard. Bulgaria resorts.

1977-89 Teacher's College, Bendery, Modova. Taught Accordion, Piano, History, Theory and Interpretation of Music.
1986-90 Band Leader, Restaurant Kosmos, Kishinev, Moldova.

1981-85 Orchestra member, Druzhba Restaurant / Hotel, St. Petersburg.

1976-78 House of Arts and Music Sovremennik Band, Tiraspol, Moldova.

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