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Composer and musician Sasha Luminsky was born in a very small town very close to Kiev. He graduated from Music College in Moldavia and studied conducting and accordion at the Conservatory in Leningrad. Sasha has toured and/or recorded with a variety of acts including the Flying Bulgar Klezmer Band, Trio Norte, Beyond the Pale, Lenka Lichtenberg and Anne Lederman. Sasha was also a regular performer with the Shaw Festival, and is currently performing with the Toronto cast of Lord Of The Rings.


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Sasha & Richard Galliano


Sasha & his Accordion and String Quartet performed at the Ashkenaz Festival in Toronto on Sept. 4, 2006


Jonathan Craig (viola) , Wendy Solomon (cello), Sasha, Pat Kilbride (Bass), Bogdan Djukic(violin) and Levon Ichkhanian .





Lord of the Rings Orchestra




Sasha & Raul Barbosa




FBKB photos by Johnnie Eisen





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